New Pulp Alley / Statuesque Miniatures Releases

| Thursday, 14 May 2015 | 0 comments |
I think the small, but growing range of miniatures from Pulp AlleyStatuesque Miniatures is becoming my favourite range of Pulp minis!

The latest releases, Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana are both wonderfully evocative of the genre and useful for any Pulp fan.

 Every Pulp hero must encounter a mysterious oriental type of character at some point!
The inspiration for Golgo Satana is also quite obvious...

 Along with the figure release, they have also brought out a set of Pulp Weapons, all ideal for converting figures with a very Pulp feel. I hope that follow up this set with some more, non-firearms type set. Machetes, whips, broken bottles etc... Also a set for left hands would be useful too!