Dark Art Studios Jungle Gorilla

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Over recent years several companies have produced nice gorilla models, however most of them have been somewhat more than a simple gorilla, either having cyberimplants, steampunk limbs or carrying mini-guns. Dark Art Studios have bucked the trend and produced a beautiful great ape.

Ideal for throwing against a jungle lord, possibly for use as a big game trophy or as king of a lost island...

Force20 20mm Gangster Figures

I tend to prefer skirmish gaming as it fits in with my limited time to paint large armies, and just as limited time to play the larger battle games.

This is one of the reasons that I enjoy pulp era gaming, as most of the games tend to be skirmish games. The skirmish style of game usually draws people to use 28mm miniatures, so it is nice to a range made available at a different scale. Force20 (TableTopScale.com) have just released two packs of 20mm miniatures which have imediate appeal to pulp gamers...

The first pack is a set of dock workers, ships crews and other unsavoury types that you may well find hanging around a shady port!

The second pack are Gangsters, G-Men and Spies.

I must admit that this range has got me thinking about planning a game of Mad Dogs with Guns from Howard Whitehouse. The fact that these figures are 20mm means they are ideal to go along with plenty of 1/72 scale plastic kits, and there are also a good selection of die-cast vehicles available.

Minifigs New Martian range

Miniature Figurines have just announced a new range of Martians that would suit both Sword and Planet and steampunk games.

They have only released a couple of photos so far, but the range looks well worth keeping an eye on!

 I like the retro feel of these figures, giving them spears rather than guns certainly helps with the Sword and Planet feel! Of course, there is no saying that the spears can't be power weapons if that takes your fancy...

The tripod is very much in the classic H.G. Wells style and should have multiple use, even though, at the moment the size of this beast hasn't been disclosed...

Osprey Book Giveaway!

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Osprey Publishing have just published (under their Osprey Adventures imprint) a new book titled We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Aliens Guide to Conquering Planet Earth. Now this sounds like a perfect reference book for any pulp sci-fi gamer, so I was fortunate enough to land a review copy (I'd actually pre-ordered it anyway).

Unusually for Osprey the book is in  the standard paperback format (19.6 x 13 x 1.8 cm), rather than the more familiar Osprey size (24.1 x 17.8). However, this actually makes it easier to carry around and pick up and dip into. It doesn't have the the usual level of illustration either, with only a few B+W line drawing scattered through it's pages.

The actual content is interesting and humorously put together. The book looks at different aspects of life on Earth, from astronomical facts about the solar system, down to military organization and technology, all olayed out in an easy to find, invaders guide style. The final chapter of the book also takes a look at alien invasions in litereature, TV and film, picking out a few quality examples.

All in all, this is an excellent read and highly recommended to anyone planning a retro sci-fi gaming campaign. In fact, it would be very useful for any writers or gamers interested in the alien invasion genre. Apart from the reference point of view, the book is well enough written to be simply a fun read that is a little different from the usual subject matter...

Now, as the title of the post suggests Osprey were kind enough to supply me with a copy to offer as a competition prize. I have three multiple choice questions for you:-

1. The Earth is located approximately how far from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy?

    A. 22,000 Light Years    |  B. 27,000 Light Years  |  C. 31,000 Light Years

2. True or False: Crashing the moon into the Earth is likely to destroy the planet?

    A. True |  B. False

3. How many Lagrange points exist between the Earth and the Moon allowing for the maintenance of a stable position with minimum fuel usage?

    A. 3     |      B. 5     |     C. 7

The answers can all be found within the book, but of course that won't help you if you are trying to win the book...

Send your answers, with your name to my email address (ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com), entry closes at midnight (UK time) on Thursday 5th December. I will draw a winner from the correct entries on Friday 6th of December and contact the winner so they can send me their mailing address. The competition is open worldwide!

Tobsen Miniaturen

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Tobsen Miniaturen produce a range of whimsical vehicles that have a mix of Pulp and Steampunk designs.

Crooked Dice New Releases

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Crooked Dice have just released some very useful figures.

First up with have the amazing Guru and his assassin sidekick Kali. Now this pair must have so many uses for the Pulp gamer, passing as everything from Ming the Merciless to a Samurai Lord and everything in between!

Now we have some robed Cultists, ideal as minions for the Guru... I know that several other companies already do a selection of robed Cultists, but can you ever really have enough!

Finally we have two sets of "Savage School Girls". These would probably be useful for a lighthearted zombie hunting scenario, or possibly a girls school rebellion...

I am hoping to pick up the Guru and Kali this weekend and depending what else Crooked Dice has to catch my eye, I may well get some minions too...

Inspirational Reading: Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis

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I recently finished reading Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis, the first book in his Milkweed Trilogy.

Bitter Seeds is set during World War II and tells of the fight between British warlocks and Nazi super-soldiers. However, rather than taking the story in a pulpy, all action, direction there is some real depth to the emotional aspects of this book. It doesn't shy away from action, but there are also some harrowing moments with both axis and allies committing some fairly horrendous acts as they call upon their respective powers to aid in their fight!

The British "heroes" of the story are as flawed as any of the characters in the book, at least with the Nazi super-soldiers you can see that they have been tortured and experimented on over a protracted period, which understandably has warp their characters. The British characters, on the other hand seem innately flawed.

The  weird war aspects of the book are dealt with very well, with an interesting back story and mythology being set up that is both intriguing and also somewhat disturbing. The British warlocks produce their magical results by communing with supernatural spirits that are more akin to Cthulhu Mythos type beings than traditional ghosts or demons. The Nazi super soldiers all have battery packs worn around their waists, that are wired into their brains. The Nazi science isn't explained anymore than that, but hopefully that will come as the story expands in the second and third volume.

I very much enjoyed Bitter Seeds, and although it didn't turn out to be your typical pulpy  weird war story, I am looking forward to seeing how the story develops in the second book The Coldest War, which as the title suggests moves the story forward into the Cold War era.