PuppetsWar Rocket Man Heads

| Thursday, 31 October 2013 | 0 comments |
PuppetsWar have just released a new set for converting miniatures going by the name of Rocket Man Helmets.

Sold in sets of ten heads, they are a nice mix of Rocketeer with maybe a hint of Ironman thrown in!

I think, used with the right military style bodies, these could convert some standard historical figures into some very pulpy characters!

Statuesque Miniatures to stock Pulp Alley Rules

| Monday, 28 October 2013 | 0 comments |
From the Press Release:-

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce we will soon be stocking the Pulp Alley rulebooks and playing cards. With a European retailer for the games, it will be easier and cheaper for Pulp Alley fans on this side of the Atlantic to get their hands on the printed copies of the game.

What is Pulp Alley?

Pulp Alley is a pulp-themed miniatures game, with all the rules you need to bring dashing heroes, dastardly villains, and pulse-pounding action to your gaming tabletop.

Pulp Alley captures the fast-paced excitement of classic cliffhanger serials and pulp magazines to more modern action/adventure stories. Designed primarily as a multi-player miniatures game, each Pulp Alley scenario is jammed full of villains, unexpected perils, and plenty of two-fisted action.

Pulp Alley’s unique and innovative rules offer players a thrill-packed and engaging experience –
  • Pulp Alley plays at the pulse-pounding pace of your favorite pulps and serials.
  • Characters are easy to create and customize, making each league unique.
  • Players never need to consult charts during a scenario. The action is on the tabletop – not in a rulebook.
  • Control of the Initiative is based on events as they occur during the scenario rather than an arbitrary die-roll.
  • Fights are fast-paced and simultaneously dangerous for both characters, instead of the old I-shoot-then-you-shoot sequence.
  • Perils and challenges are unpredictable and offer multiple paths to success.
  • Scenarios are plot-driven, encouraging action, and offering an array of different rewards.
  • Through campaigns and experience your characters can increase their skills and develop new abilities.
In addition to the Pulp Alley Rulebook, we will also stock the Perilous Island expansion and the Pulp Alley Fortune Cards:

Perilous Island is one-part thrilling campaign and one-part exciting expansion. The book includes rules for creating and playing one-character leagues, new perks, 11 new scenarios, 5 new Fortune Cards, and new weird abilities.

The Pulp Alley Fortune Cards are premium 310gsm plastic coated (linen) playing cards. Each deck also comes with a sturdy plastic case – worthy of protecting your Pulp Alley cards. In addition to the basic 45 Fortune cards and 5 Reward cards, the deck includes 2 blank Fortune cards and 2 blank Reward cards. These blank cards may be used for replacements, designing your own cards, red-herrings, and so on.

Why Pulp Alley?

The main reason we want to stock Pulp Alley is quite simple - it's a great game. However, it also fits will the style of characters I've been creating for Statuesque Miniatures. From Foxy and her Kill-Team to Rosa and the Resistance girls, in my head they're all larger than life, heroic characters from a dodgy B-movie, and Pulp Alley is perfect for capturing that on the tabletop. Pulp Alley is not limited to portraying pulp-era games set in the '30s and '40s, it's prefect for anything from sci-fi to fantasy - any setting where the characters are heroic, the plot improbable and the action cinematic!

Want to know more?

If you're tempted by Pulp Alley, but want to try out the rules first, the Quick Start rules are available to download from Wargames Vault.

In addition, you can find great support and information from Dave and Mila -the father and daughter team behind Pulp Alley- on their Pulp Alley Forum. They are also active on the Lead Adventure Forum, where many players are already enjoying Pulp Alley games and are posting their leagues, game reports and reviews of the game.

What about Pulp Alley miniatures?

The great thing about Pulp Alley is  that you can play it with whatever miniatures you like. However, watch this space for an exciting collaboration  between Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley...

To Be Continued!

This is interesting news, I have been considering picking the Pulp Alley rules for sometime. Now that they are available in Europe I have no excuse to put it off any longer...

Pulp Figures New Releases

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Bob Murch's Pulp Figures are showing off a couple of new releases.

First up we have Errol Fairbanks Snr. I think I will have to pick this one up at some point, it is useful for so many genres, clearly it is designed for swashbucklers, but there are no particularly identifying items that pin it to a specific period, so it could easily be a masked avenger as well.

Just a side note: Many years ago (mid 80s) I went to see the London Film Festival showing of Douglas Fairbanks Senior's The Thief of Bagdad. They had restored the film to it's original glory with tinted scenes and a full orchestra playing the score. To my joy, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. was sitting just in front of me. I couldn't resist asking for his autograph (to go along with the one I got from Lillian Gish the previous year)!

Talking of Masked Avengers the other new release is a set of the said mystery men (and woman). I think it is safe to say, that anyone with a passing knowledge of the pulps will be able to identify these figures...

Mantic Games Mars Attacks Kickstarter

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I think it is fair to say that Mars Attacks has a fairly pulpy style...

Mantic Games Kickstarter for their 28mm Mars Attacks game has been more than successful, and looks to have everything that a Retro Sci_Fi fan could wish for.

Well worth a look, and if you have any spare cash, probably worth jumping in with both feet!

Unfortunately it is a Kickstarter too many for me at the moment. I would have loved to buy in to this, but I will have to leave it for now and hopefully pick it up once it gets a full release...