Fenris Games New Grey Aliens

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Fenris Games have just announced that they will soon be releasing a new range of Alien Greys.

The range is sculpted by Tim Prow and looks to combine a very retro sci-fi styling with some disturbingly frightening alien designs.

Copplestone Casting new Armoured Car

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I haven't featured Copplestone Castings on this blog before which is a bit of an oversight. Mark has various ranges of miniatures that should appeal to the pulp gamer, from obvious choices like the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range and the Gangster Range through to the Future Wars range and the High Adventure range.

In this article though I would like to focus on the 1/55 scale Vehicles, virtually all of which come from the First World War or Inter War period, making them idea for many different Pulp style games. The range generally concentrates on some of the more obscure armoured vehicles from the early years of production of this type of military vehicle.

This is the latest addition to the range. A German "police" armoured car from between the wars!

Finally we have the only item in the range that is not necessarily form the first half of the 20th century. A mini-sub.

Pulp Alley New Range of Figures!

The producers of the Pulp Alley rules set have announced that they are producing a new range of figures to support the game.

These are the first two concepts.

They are sculpted by Andrew Rae of Statuesque Miniatures.

And the Winner is...

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The competition to win a copy of Osprey Books We Will Destroy Your Planet finished last Thursday at Midnight. I was very busy on Friday and over the weekend, but I have just been through the results and we only had two correct answers.

The answer are as follows:-

1. The Earth is located approximately how far from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy?

  B. 27,000 Light Years

2. True or False: Crashing the moon into the Earth is likely to destroy the planet?

 B. False

3. How many Lagrange points exist between the Earth and the Moon allowing for the maintenance of a stable position with minimum fuel usage?

 B. 5

The questions were supplied by Osprey Books and I think the tricky one was number 2. The paragragh in the book that deals with this particular issue on page 38 or 39 (I don't have the book to hand as I write this), and the general consensus is that the Moon hitting the Earth would probably be fairly catastrophic for the residents but the Earth itself is very tough and would almost certainly survive!

Anyway, used a random number generator to pick the winner and, drum roll please, 10 second pause for effect (don't you hate that when TV shows do it), the winner is... Mildot2u.

Strega Unbound: Some nice pulpy inspiration!

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I just found this short film that combines the Cthulhu Mythos with Nazi and a nice Film Noir feel!

Dark Art Studios Jungle Gorilla

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Over recent years several companies have produced nice gorilla models, however most of them have been somewhat more than a simple gorilla, either having cyberimplants, steampunk limbs or carrying mini-guns. Dark Art Studios have bucked the trend and produced a beautiful great ape.

Ideal for throwing against a jungle lord, possibly for use as a big game trophy or as king of a lost island...

Force20 20mm Gangster Figures

I tend to prefer skirmish gaming as it fits in with my limited time to paint large armies, and just as limited time to play the larger battle games.

This is one of the reasons that I enjoy pulp era gaming, as most of the games tend to be skirmish games. The skirmish style of game usually draws people to use 28mm miniatures, so it is nice to a range made available at a different scale. Force20 (TableTopScale.com) have just released two packs of 20mm miniatures which have imediate appeal to pulp gamers...

The first pack is a set of dock workers, ships crews and other unsavoury types that you may well find hanging around a shady port!

The second pack are Gangsters, G-Men and Spies.

I must admit that this range has got me thinking about planning a game of Mad Dogs with Guns from Howard Whitehouse. The fact that these figures are 20mm means they are ideal to go along with plenty of 1/72 scale plastic kits, and there are also a good selection of die-cast vehicles available.

Minifigs New Martian range

Miniature Figurines have just announced a new range of Martians that would suit both Sword and Planet and steampunk games.

They have only released a couple of photos so far, but the range looks well worth keeping an eye on!

 I like the retro feel of these figures, giving them spears rather than guns certainly helps with the Sword and Planet feel! Of course, there is no saying that the spears can't be power weapons if that takes your fancy...

The tripod is very much in the classic H.G. Wells style and should have multiple use, even though, at the moment the size of this beast hasn't been disclosed...

Osprey Book Giveaway!

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Osprey Publishing have just published (under their Osprey Adventures imprint) a new book titled We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Aliens Guide to Conquering Planet Earth. Now this sounds like a perfect reference book for any pulp sci-fi gamer, so I was fortunate enough to land a review copy (I'd actually pre-ordered it anyway).

Unusually for Osprey the book is in  the standard paperback format (19.6 x 13 x 1.8 cm), rather than the more familiar Osprey size (24.1 x 17.8). However, this actually makes it easier to carry around and pick up and dip into. It doesn't have the the usual level of illustration either, with only a few B+W line drawing scattered through it's pages.

The actual content is interesting and humorously put together. The book looks at different aspects of life on Earth, from astronomical facts about the solar system, down to military organization and technology, all olayed out in an easy to find, invaders guide style. The final chapter of the book also takes a look at alien invasions in litereature, TV and film, picking out a few quality examples.

All in all, this is an excellent read and highly recommended to anyone planning a retro sci-fi gaming campaign. In fact, it would be very useful for any writers or gamers interested in the alien invasion genre. Apart from the reference point of view, the book is well enough written to be simply a fun read that is a little different from the usual subject matter...

Now, as the title of the post suggests Osprey were kind enough to supply me with a copy to offer as a competition prize. I have three multiple choice questions for you:-

1. The Earth is located approximately how far from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy?

    A. 22,000 Light Years    |  B. 27,000 Light Years  |  C. 31,000 Light Years

2. True or False: Crashing the moon into the Earth is likely to destroy the planet?

    A. True |  B. False

3. How many Lagrange points exist between the Earth and the Moon allowing for the maintenance of a stable position with minimum fuel usage?

    A. 3     |      B. 5     |     C. 7

The answers can all be found within the book, but of course that won't help you if you are trying to win the book...

Send your answers, with your name to my email address (ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com), entry closes at midnight (UK time) on Thursday 5th December. I will draw a winner from the correct entries on Friday 6th of December and contact the winner so they can send me their mailing address. The competition is open worldwide!

Tobsen Miniaturen

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Tobsen Miniaturen produce a range of whimsical vehicles that have a mix of Pulp and Steampunk designs.

Crooked Dice New Releases

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Crooked Dice have just released some very useful figures.

First up with have the amazing Guru and his assassin sidekick Kali. Now this pair must have so many uses for the Pulp gamer, passing as everything from Ming the Merciless to a Samurai Lord and everything in between!

Now we have some robed Cultists, ideal as minions for the Guru... I know that several other companies already do a selection of robed Cultists, but can you ever really have enough!

Finally we have two sets of "Savage School Girls". These would probably be useful for a lighthearted zombie hunting scenario, or possibly a girls school rebellion...

I am hoping to pick up the Guru and Kali this weekend and depending what else Crooked Dice has to catch my eye, I may well get some minions too...

Inspirational Reading: Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis

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I recently finished reading Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis, the first book in his Milkweed Trilogy.

Bitter Seeds is set during World War II and tells of the fight between British warlocks and Nazi super-soldiers. However, rather than taking the story in a pulpy, all action, direction there is some real depth to the emotional aspects of this book. It doesn't shy away from action, but there are also some harrowing moments with both axis and allies committing some fairly horrendous acts as they call upon their respective powers to aid in their fight!

The British "heroes" of the story are as flawed as any of the characters in the book, at least with the Nazi super-soldiers you can see that they have been tortured and experimented on over a protracted period, which understandably has warp their characters. The British characters, on the other hand seem innately flawed.

The  weird war aspects of the book are dealt with very well, with an interesting back story and mythology being set up that is both intriguing and also somewhat disturbing. The British warlocks produce their magical results by communing with supernatural spirits that are more akin to Cthulhu Mythos type beings than traditional ghosts or demons. The Nazi super soldiers all have battery packs worn around their waists, that are wired into their brains. The Nazi science isn't explained anymore than that, but hopefully that will come as the story expands in the second and third volume.

I very much enjoyed Bitter Seeds, and although it didn't turn out to be your typical pulpy  weird war story, I am looking forward to seeing how the story develops in the second book The Coldest War, which as the title suggests moves the story forward into the Cold War era.

PuppetsWar Rocket Man Heads

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PuppetsWar have just released a new set for converting miniatures going by the name of Rocket Man Helmets.

Sold in sets of ten heads, they are a nice mix of Rocketeer with maybe a hint of Ironman thrown in!

I think, used with the right military style bodies, these could convert some standard historical figures into some very pulpy characters!

Statuesque Miniatures to stock Pulp Alley Rules

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From the Press Release:-

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce we will soon be stocking the Pulp Alley rulebooks and playing cards. With a European retailer for the games, it will be easier and cheaper for Pulp Alley fans on this side of the Atlantic to get their hands on the printed copies of the game.

What is Pulp Alley?

Pulp Alley is a pulp-themed miniatures game, with all the rules you need to bring dashing heroes, dastardly villains, and pulse-pounding action to your gaming tabletop.

Pulp Alley captures the fast-paced excitement of classic cliffhanger serials and pulp magazines to more modern action/adventure stories. Designed primarily as a multi-player miniatures game, each Pulp Alley scenario is jammed full of villains, unexpected perils, and plenty of two-fisted action.

Pulp Alley’s unique and innovative rules offer players a thrill-packed and engaging experience –
  • Pulp Alley plays at the pulse-pounding pace of your favorite pulps and serials.
  • Characters are easy to create and customize, making each league unique.
  • Players never need to consult charts during a scenario. The action is on the tabletop – not in a rulebook.
  • Control of the Initiative is based on events as they occur during the scenario rather than an arbitrary die-roll.
  • Fights are fast-paced and simultaneously dangerous for both characters, instead of the old I-shoot-then-you-shoot sequence.
  • Perils and challenges are unpredictable and offer multiple paths to success.
  • Scenarios are plot-driven, encouraging action, and offering an array of different rewards.
  • Through campaigns and experience your characters can increase their skills and develop new abilities.
In addition to the Pulp Alley Rulebook, we will also stock the Perilous Island expansion and the Pulp Alley Fortune Cards:

Perilous Island is one-part thrilling campaign and one-part exciting expansion. The book includes rules for creating and playing one-character leagues, new perks, 11 new scenarios, 5 new Fortune Cards, and new weird abilities.

The Pulp Alley Fortune Cards are premium 310gsm plastic coated (linen) playing cards. Each deck also comes with a sturdy plastic case – worthy of protecting your Pulp Alley cards. In addition to the basic 45 Fortune cards and 5 Reward cards, the deck includes 2 blank Fortune cards and 2 blank Reward cards. These blank cards may be used for replacements, designing your own cards, red-herrings, and so on.

Why Pulp Alley?

The main reason we want to stock Pulp Alley is quite simple - it's a great game. However, it also fits will the style of characters I've been creating for Statuesque Miniatures. From Foxy and her Kill-Team to Rosa and the Resistance girls, in my head they're all larger than life, heroic characters from a dodgy B-movie, and Pulp Alley is perfect for capturing that on the tabletop. Pulp Alley is not limited to portraying pulp-era games set in the '30s and '40s, it's prefect for anything from sci-fi to fantasy - any setting where the characters are heroic, the plot improbable and the action cinematic!

Want to know more?

If you're tempted by Pulp Alley, but want to try out the rules first, the Quick Start rules are available to download from Wargames Vault.

In addition, you can find great support and information from Dave and Mila -the father and daughter team behind Pulp Alley- on their Pulp Alley Forum. They are also active on the Lead Adventure Forum, where many players are already enjoying Pulp Alley games and are posting their leagues, game reports and reviews of the game.

What about Pulp Alley miniatures?

The great thing about Pulp Alley is  that you can play it with whatever miniatures you like. However, watch this space for an exciting collaboration  between Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley...

To Be Continued!

This is interesting news, I have been considering picking the Pulp Alley rules for sometime. Now that they are available in Europe I have no excuse to put it off any longer...

Pulp Figures New Releases

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Bob Murch's Pulp Figures are showing off a couple of new releases.

First up we have Errol Fairbanks Snr. I think I will have to pick this one up at some point, it is useful for so many genres, clearly it is designed for swashbucklers, but there are no particularly identifying items that pin it to a specific period, so it could easily be a masked avenger as well.

Just a side note: Many years ago (mid 80s) I went to see the London Film Festival showing of Douglas Fairbanks Senior's The Thief of Bagdad. They had restored the film to it's original glory with tinted scenes and a full orchestra playing the score. To my joy, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. was sitting just in front of me. I couldn't resist asking for his autograph (to go along with the one I got from Lillian Gish the previous year)!

Talking of Masked Avengers the other new release is a set of the said mystery men (and woman). I think it is safe to say, that anyone with a passing knowledge of the pulps will be able to identify these figures...

Mantic Games Mars Attacks Kickstarter

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I think it is fair to say that Mars Attacks has a fairly pulpy style...

Mantic Games Kickstarter for their 28mm Mars Attacks game has been more than successful, and looks to have everything that a Retro Sci_Fi fan could wish for.

Well worth a look, and if you have any spare cash, probably worth jumping in with both feet!

Unfortunately it is a Kickstarter too many for me at the moment. I would have loved to buy in to this, but I will have to leave it for now and hopefully pick it up once it gets a full release...

Modiphius announce an Achtung Cthulhu Skirmish Game!

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From the Press Release:-

Modiphius Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group announce the official Achtung! Cthulhu: Showdown!™ skirmish game in 2014. 

 Launching in Spring 2014 alongside the awesome range of Achtung! Cthulhu miniatures, Achtung! Cthulhu Showdown!™ is a standalone miniatures rulebook and full campaign allowing skirmish players to dive in to the world of Achtung! Cthulhu.

“We’ve been dying to see one of our Savage Worlds licensees do a big, full-blown Showdown miniatures game for some time. Modiphius has truly impressed us with Achtung! Cthulhu, and when we saw the incredible miniatures and terrain for the game Mark Margraf created for it at GenCon 2013, we knew this was something truly special. We can’t wait to get some lead painted and play it ourselves!” Commented Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment. 

Showdown!™, is the official miniatures rules for the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system. This release will include all the rules you need to play plus quick rules for sanity loss on the battlefield, details of the Mythos creatures and forces of the Secret War, typical World War Two troop lists for the Western Front, standard scenarios, and a full blown campaign following the adventures of Charlie Company in the Forest of Fear.

“There’s a whole skirmish story arc for people to play out, from their first days in the squad to leading a whole company against the forces of the Third Reich and the Mythos,” Chris Birch of Modiphius explained. “The great thing about Showdown!™ is that it lets you take the essence of the Savage Worlds roleplaying game, turn the action up to 11 and pump hot lead into the face of tentacled evil!”

Modiphius Entertainment will be releasing Achtung! Cthulhu: Showdown!™ (written by Dave Blewer and Mark Margraf) as part of their ever-expanding Achtung! Cthulhu line in the Spring of 2014, supported by sets of Secret War Unit & Event Cards, giving players all the possible units they could need in an easy to use playing card format alongside further campaigns and supplements opening up other well-known fronts.

For more information on Achtung! Cthulhu: Showdown!™ please contact Chris Birch at Modiphius: http://www.modiphius.com/contact.html

About Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is best known for their award-winning, best-selling Savage Worlds and Deadlands roleplaying games. They’ve been in business since 1994 and are owned by Shane Lacy Hensley, a veteran of both the table-top and video games industry.

About Modiphius Entertainment & Achtung! Cthulhu

Modiphius Entertainment ran the hugely successful Kickstarter that launched an 11 book series, full miniatures range and pile of accessories to support the Cthulhu Mythos inspired WW2 setting Achtung! Cthulhu for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. Modiphius Entertainment was founded in 2012 by Chris Birch, Ennie nominated writer of Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre. Their first release, Achtung! Cthulhu: Three Kings by Sarah Newton won Silver Ennie for Best Adventure at the 2013 Ennie Awards. Modiphius has since announced a re-boot of the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game and the DUST Adventures roleplaying game set in Paolo Parente’s DUST universe.

Brigade Games Nazi Spectres

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Brigade Games have some nice figures to their Weird War range. Titled either German Spectres or as on the photo Nazi Spectres. These should certainly find a place in any Weird War collection!

Tin Man Miniatures Kickstarter

Tin Man Miniatures has a small but high quality range of sword and planet figures in their range.

As a way of increasing the range a little more rapidly, Tin Man Minis owner John Winter has decided to go down the Kickstarter route.

Looking at the artwork and greens produced so far, John seems to be concentrating mainly on the female characters, a fair policy, as I am sure they will help more the campaign foward a pace, however I would have like to have seen a little more variety in the initial selection of figures.

There are however, some interesting designs that I am sure will have appeal both to Sword and Planet gamers as well as games in other genres...

Check out the Kickstarter, and if nothing else have a look at Tin Man Miniatures Website, it's worth a look...

Lead Adventure New Pulp Adventurers

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Lead Adventure have just release a couple of new Pulp adventurers. The first of which is a very tasty interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft himself, and the second might just bare a resemblance to Conan creator Robert E. Howard!

Achtung Cthulhu: Three Kings

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I haven’t done very much role playing for a good few years now, however I still hold Call of Cthulhu very close to my heart. I used to run it regularly and could still run a game of CoC without referring to the rulebook.. So combining that with more recent interest in Weird War, when I saw Achtung Cthulhu in development from Modiphius it could help but attract my attention. Achtung Cthulhu combines the Cthulhu Mythos with a good dose of pulp World War 2 action. Now, there have been occasional attempts at combining the two genres before (parts of Delta Green did a good job of it), but none of them have produced enough material for an on-going campaign.


Modiphius ran a successful Kickstarter for Achtung Cthulhu a while ago (which I missed), so there there are plenty of things coming along for the range including many books and a range of miniatures.

I recently got my hands on the first two books and I have just finished reading the first one, an introductory scenario called Three Kings.

I really enjoyed reading this scenario and honestly started to consider getting back into running a roleplaying campaign as I think it would be great fun to run!

The plot revolves around an allied special forces team being sent to investigate the goings on in and around a Nazi occupied castle in Czechoslovakia. As one might expect there is a mad scientist and various resistance movements as well as some Mythos mixed in to the plot. 

I have seen it said that this scenario is pretty deadly for a Call of Cthulhu game (A Game of Whit’s), but I think that it all comes down to how the Keeper runs the game (or how stupid your players want to be). I have always found that a creative Keeper can avoid killing characters, still give them a scare when necessary and indeed kill them off if he needs to. Obviously, setting a Call of Cthulhu game in any wartime situation is going to be potentially lethal, so the very nature of this setting is bound to be deadly!

As an introduction to an on-going RPG campaign set against the Weird War background Three Kings does an excellent job. Mixing pulpy style Nazis, the Cthulhu Mythos and also a smattering of historical fact, it achieves a wonderfully atmospheric feel that should propel your players into their roles very well.

I will be reading the second book, Heroes of the Sea, shortly so lookout for a review of that one soon.

Welcome aboard…

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Welcome to this new blog.

I hope to bring together a wide range of miniatures, games and rules reviews as well as promote the Pulp genre within the gaming community.

What is Pulp?

There are plenty of different definitions of what constitutes the PULP and what should be a part of the Pulp genre in gaming. Firstly I am going to give you my definition and give a brief idea of the sorts of things I will be covering on this blog.

The definition from Wikipedia is:-

“The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. Magazines printed on higher quality paper were called "glossies" or "slicks". In their first decades, pulps were most often priced at ten cents per magazine, while competing slicks were 25 cents apiece. Pulps were the successor to the penny dreadfuls, dime novels, and short fiction magazines of the 19th century. Although many respected writers wrote for pulps, the magazines are best remembered for their lurid and exploitative stories and sensational cover art.”

I think this is a good place to start. OK, so the name Pulp, comes from the paper that these magazines were printed on. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the content. There were pulp magazine that covered everything from Sports and Boxing to through Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction and even going into Romances (there was a sub category of Railway Romances). I suppose that one of the most popular type of stories, or at least a modern view would be the detective stories and exotic adventure stories. This has led to the majority of games that are called Pulp coming for the 1920’s gangster genre or Indiana Jones style wild adventures. However, I want to open that up a lot on this blog.

Modern fiction, both in the written word, on television and in the movies evolved from many ideas and concepts that first appeared in the pulps, it seems only fair to include some of that in the pulp gaming genre. Whether it be H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos or Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age (I wont be featuring much fantasy, but maybe a little pulpy Sword and Sorcery). The modern gaming hobby owes so much to the Pulps

Pulp Magazines are mainly associated with the 1920’s and 30’s so it is an easy step to expand into the Saturday morning serials and early motion pictures, such as Flash Gordon, Charlie Chan, The Saint, James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart movies.

I want to take things a good bit further than that though. Pulp magazines were published right through into the 1950’s and died out mainly due to the rise in paper-backed books and possibly also due to the rise in the popularity of television as the new cheap entertainment of the masses.

So from that statement it is possible to extrapolate that Pulp is in fact the forerunner of modern TV adventure, sci-fi and police show.

So this blog will cover everything that is normally thought of as Pulp genre gaming, gangsters, high adventure, retro sci-fi etc. but it will also cover the newer “pulp” genres – things like 60’s and 70’s TV inspired figures and 1950’s sci-fi. I will even include Weird War 2 as a Pulp genre as it certainly fulfils the lurid, exploitative and sensational requirements of the pulp genre…